Monday, October 25, 2004 - Errant bomb falls on hiking trail - Oct 24, 2004 - Errant bomb falls on hiking trail - Oct 24, 2004

Wow. A fake bomb fell on a hiking trail. The crater was a mind-boggling six inches wide! My dick is bigger than that! They grounded the plane and are conducting an "investigation" ('so Joe, what happened?' 'I dunno.'). Why aren't they still looking for the live nuclear weapons that have been lost at sea since the 50's? Or the uranium that is missing from no fewer than three nuclear plants? But lordy, a hunk of iron falls on a trail? One hiker was so close, 'he could hear the thud!' Will he ever recover? I mean, a whole thud! Stop the presses! ('And what is your official position on lost hunks of iron, Mr. Kerry?') Here's mine: WHO CARES?

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Why Venus Lost Her Arms

I am a huge astronomy buff. I read astronomy stuff every day and stargaze in my back yard whenever I can. But if I hear another thing about Venus transiting the sun I'm going to scream! Who cares? It's not going to affect anyone's lives. The only ones with a legitimate interest are esoteric planetary scientists and astronomers. It'd be one thing if this was on just astronomy websites, but this crap is all over CNN, Reuters, and MSNBC! And these are just the news sources I bothered to research! (MSNBC, in their eternal quest for inaccuracy, declared it the "Sight of the Century," when there will, in fact, be yet another transit of Venus a little later this century, in 2012.)

I mean, you can't even look at the sun, Venus or not, without doing damage to your eyes! And who wants to be bothered buying or constructing a "sun-safe" thingamajiggy to look? Here's an idea of what it looks like: blindingly bright ball of nuclear fusion. Now put a pinpint dot on it. Wow. Tell your grandchildren. They'll think you've gone senile.

And so what if it's a once in a lifetime event? A dot in front of the sun? Big freakin' deal! Aren't there other more exciting once in a lifetime events to go ga-ga over? Besides if you ask me, once in a lifetime events are overrated.

Monday, May 31, 2004

Wonderfully Awful Ideas

Finally! Someone has wised up to the inanity of the "entertainment" industry, where terrible ideas become Hollywood blockbusters. These are some of the best ideas for movies I've seen in ages.

Any other suggestions for bad idea'd movies? How about Titanic 2? Rose realizes she was an idiot for losing that huge damn diamond and goes to buy a cheap-knock off on Ebay. Then she goes to find her equally geriatric former fiance, who's riddled with Alzheimers. He can remember Rose and their engagement, but fortunately not the terrible incidents that transpired after the Titanic's sinking. Impressed with the big-ass "diamond," they get married, she inherits his millions and has a great boob job.She gets a show on MTV with the pilot episode featuring her in a catfight with Anna Nicole Smith. Flashbacks can include her dalliance as a prostitute and the heartache of having those ADHD grandkids.

Maybe we can have Crocodile Dundee 4: Back to the Outback. Paul Hogan moves back to the outback and has a "walkabout," only to catch yellow fever from a mosquito. Delirious with fever and dehydration, he is slowly consumed by a pack of dingoes and dies, forever ending this ridiculous chain of movies.

Thursday, May 27, 2004

"Have some fun!"

Well, the department of Homeland Security has no specifics about anything at all and has no idea how, when or where it might happen, but Americans are being urged to use vigilance in traveling.

What exactly does that mean, 'use vigilance'? Are we supposed to check the sand under our beach chair for incendiary devices? Scope out our hotel room for weapons of mass destruction? Insist that everyone else on our plane to the Bahamas is a terrorist?

Isn't it fascinating that this warning, designed to cause Americans to panic and freak out, is timed so well with the president's campaign's rapid spiral into the abyss? The media must feel truly torn, having to decide whether to jump all over this terror threat warning and drive up their ratings by inciting panic as usual or, in the process of doing so, promote the cause of their self-chosen arch-enemy, George Bush and his administration. Decisions, decisions... Media-driven panic or make Dubya look bad by not reporting it? Oh, the agony!

Mind you, there is no practical value of actual terror threat warnings. Law enforcement can do nothing about it, other than take credit when nothing happens. It't like saying to someone in the heart of Times Square "My presence is keeping the tigers away."
"But there are no tigers in New York," you might reply.
"See, it's working!"

See, our terror threat warnings are keeping out the terrorists!

Thursday, May 20, 2004

Videos aren't enough evidence?

I find it simply incredible that the pictures of the gunmen who shot two out-of-towners last year aren't enough evidence to warrant a trial. These guys were caught on surveillance cameras at a carwash shooting their AK-47's at two guys nearby who were badly wounded. I know, 'cause I was there!

Any moron with one eye and bad vision can see that these are the guys in the video. But according to Judge Arthur Hunter, one of New Orleans' fine paragons of justice, this isn't even enough evidence to warrant a trial! How much more evidence does he want? If that isn't enough to slough off your confidence in our "justice system," I don't know what is.

When the video was discovered and the arrests made, the police were thrilled that they had such a clear-cut case with irrefutable hard evidence. The residents in the neighborhood were overjoyed because these guys were terrorizing the locals. It was a victory for everyone. Now the only victorious ones are the would-be murderers.

Why do we bother having a police department? What is the purpose of the courts? Obviously to give Judge Hunter a forum to release documented criminals back on the street. America! What a country!

Saturday, May 15, 2004

Why ever would the US leave Iraq?

Pretty wild that the U.S. would vacate Iraq if they thought America was unwelcome. What would ever give them that idea? If there's one thing that has characterized the war in Iraq it is the warm and loving welcome that US troops and personnel have recieved by all the Iraqi citizens.

What exactly does Mr. Bremer require to get the hint that US troops are not welcome? Obviously daily attacks on troops and contractors, televised beheadings of Americans and "U.S. get the fuck out" signs don't convey the message clearly enough. It reminds me of the Far Side comic where the couple has to feign death to get their guests to finally leave. There's an idea! Hey all you Iraqis reading this - pick a day and time and everyone just play dead. Believe me, all the invaders, er, sorry, "liberators" will get out quick 'cuz they won't want to have to clean up behind several million corpses!

It's worth a shot!

Monday, May 10, 2004

I'm not at all creeped out by death or anything, but I do think it's a little wierd to have to store your loved ones till the ground is thawed out enough to bury 'em. I mean, you get all used to the idea of Gramps being dead, only to have to haul him out from the U-Stor-It Death-O-Rama (2nd corpse half-price!) and go through the funeral and actual burial.

Why not have the funeral and all and just pay someone under the table to bury Gramps in the spring, real quiet like? That way there's not the pulled-off scab effect of dealing with it all over again.

Of course, I'm all about cremation! It solves so many problems! You never have to worry about finding a drawer at the morgue for your beloved, they can't exhume the body to see if you killed 'em, and you don't have to re-funeralize them months later if you live in Alaska. As an added benefit, you can cremate 'em right there in the graveyard and the funeral pyre can defrost the ground for the next stiff's burial! And sing campfire songs! 2 birds with 1 stone!

Saturday, May 08, 2004

It's amazing what the human body can do, isn't it? People who can dive over 500 feet on a single breath, go for a mile-long swim in Antarctica or climb into the rarified air of Mt. Everest without oxygen! Incredible!

My question is Why? Why would anyone ever want to try any of those things? And how did you find out you could do them? Sounds like these feats started out as a drunken dare in college. Moreover, once you figure out you can pull off something like climbing Everest without oxygen, why would you go and do it again? This guy's climbed it 5 times, plus 12 other peaks! Did you get the part about the strongman's regimen? "Training 12 hours a week and putting away 25 pounds of beef and 14 supplement shakes every seven days." Gross! I can't imagine being willing to choke down that much cow and protein sludge just to be able to pick a wad of lead. And I barely want to do something that feels good for 12 hours a week, let alone pumping iron and tearing ligaments!

And it's not as if these are useful talents or anything. I might be more impressed by the guy who climbed the mountain to look for the cure for cancer, or who swam to Antarctica to rescue a stranded lifeboat crew. But these folks accomplishments are the athletic equivalent of being the trivia champion. I guess that's ok, but who cares?

Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Terrific! The service industry is growing! This means more jobs are available for the unemployed public!

But what does it really boil down to? If the service industry is growing, then what collateral shrinkage in the jobs market is occuring? Well, now that we have more positions available for waiters, hotel porters, check-out girls, bartenders and delivery people, those jobs will have to be filled by fresh college graduates or those who have been downsized right out of their professional career .

Yes, all those years of work, studying and brown-nosing will reap their huge reward when you get that coveted job at the grill in the Chik-Fil-A in the mall! Just think of all those $1 tips you'll rake in hauling luggage up to hotel rooms (which, incidentally, are being rented by your former co-workers on all-expense-paid junkets). And just imagine the stimulating conversations you'll have with your co-workers! In addition to other college grads bitching about their lot in life, you'll work side by side with the unskilled and uneducated working hard to get enough money to buy their next crack rock or bling-bling accessory for their baby-daddy!

America! Land of opportunity!

Sunday, May 02, 2004

Mid-air meditation? An interesting idea. Especially in the wonderful world up in the sky, a little tranquility and peace would be a welcome relief from the unrelenting hassles of squashed seats, late landings, lost luggage and surly stewardesses. Maybe more airlines should offer such appointments.

My concern comes from the vehemence with which the unnamed Air Sahara official extols this service. He says, "believe you me, those who are meditating will become completely oblivious of what the passenger on the next seat is doing.” I'm not sure that while traveling in buzz tube 35,000 feet up I want to be that unaware of what's going on around me. What if I'm so lost in my inner Nirvana that I'm unable to open the emergency exit? Besides, what anesthetic gasses are they pumping in to guarantee this bliss?

And what about the other passengers who may not want to participate? All the meditators may find their peaceful place, but what if it drives some borderline personality disorder passenger over the edge and he gets all psycho over the chanting and lotus positions? I'm not sure that Air Sahara thought this idea through all the way.

Friday, April 23, 2004

The virus that causes the common cold may be a "hit and hide" virus. It may create a cold then hide in the body for weeks. Some people may act as carriers of it, like a modern Typhoid Mary.


I mean, whaddya want us, the workaday public, to do about it? There's no cure or vaccine for the cold. We already know how to minimize spreading disease (wash your hands, don't sneeze snot on everybody). Now what? Will this information help us disease-ridden individuals out here in the real world? I can't think of any way it would.

Must our brains be inundated with useless information masquerading as "news"? I can't think of a single reason that this story needed to be published. Doctors get their information from JAMA and medical sources, not MSNBC. I feel for the poor unsuspecting masses who will read this and think they learned something, but in reality there's nothing there that is of any benefit whatsoever. Of course, these are the same people who obsess over things like Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey.

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Well, here's a frightening little tidbit for all you travelers out there. Everyone knows that you shouldn't think too hard about who's been in your hotel room before you, much less what they were doing. The AP has gone and quantified those subconscious fears by telling us what the dirtiest items in that mysterious hotel room are.

The grodiest object? The remote. Of course it is, because the weirdo who was there before you was flipping between porn channels with one hand while alternately spanking the monkey and gnawing pork rinds with the other. If they're still interested in finding weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, why not go put a few Iraqi hotel remotes in a Petri dish. I'm sure that shit'd qualify as a WMD.

Enjoy your summer vacation. Bring body condoms!

Monday, April 19, 2004

I feel better already! Thank God NORAD has had these preparations for hijacked aircraft. I can see that their preparations did wonders. One good thing about our government's preparations, they refuse to name the building that the "hijackers" in the exercise were to crash into. That's good, protect the innocence of the building. I'm sure it would be emotionally scarred otherwise.

No wonder their little plot wouldn't work: the 9/11 hijackers flew the planes into the wrong buildings! The one building that NORAD had planned to defend against wasn't the Pentagon or the World Trade Center. Does anyone else see a problem here? Wouldn't it make sense that NORAD's plans would be a tad bit more flexible? Is it not possible to train responses based on ideas rather than exact scenarios? It seems that the current ideology doesn't seem to leave a lot of leeway in preparations. I mean, after all, what if the wind is blowing from the south on the crucial day instead of the west? Or what if there are women hijackers instead of men? Have they prepared for that? I doubt it. It is not possible to prepare for every contingency, yet that is what the government seems bound and determined to spend our tax dollars on doing. Well, at least they can protect the innocence of the buildings.

Sunday, April 18, 2004

I think this is a fabulous idea! Jesse Jackson negotiating for hostages. Because, you know, perennially running for president based on rhymey slogans and international hostage negotiations are practically the same thing.

What's really great is that he, a religious representative of the The Great Satan who has a large constituency of infidels wants to confer with none other than the religious leaders in Iraq. Yes the very leaders who instigate the rage and hate against the Great Satan, America, in the first place! What irony! You can't pay for this kinda stuff!

Possibly most telling is his advanced plan for contacting the necessary parties: "They watch CNN." That's so awesome! He's relying on some Muslim cleric in Iraq to be sitting there in his living room, toking on his hookah and happens to flip to CNN just as they're broadcasting Jesse's "appeal"! I hope he's not in the bathroom or something at the crucial instant. Wouldn't it suck for Jesse if the cleric's cable was out that day? Or if he had just gone to the fridge to get some leftover hummus? Good luck, Jess!

Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Of course nobody wants to buy software from a kiosk in the middle of a CompUSA. Remember the reason they're coming into CompUSA or wherever to begin with? These are the fucking idiots who can't figure out how to set up their e-mail or install a program. They're the ones who called you and said "I just bought such-and-such a computer" and then read off the feature list to you from the side of the box. "Is that a good one?"
Who's going to go into a store and then order something off a computer in the store? They could have ordered the software off the internet at home, if they had any sense. They come into the store because they haven't figured out the whole internet/digital thing yet. Their universe is made up of bricks and mortar, concrete and glass, wood and plastic. The concept of access to the world via GUI is simply way too much for them, too intangible and nebulous.
Figure it out, SoftwareToGo. Virtual sales in a brick-and-mortar store is far too incongruous for the ilk of people who are likely to venture there.

Friday, March 12, 2004

Are entomologists really worries about bug noises? This article seems to describe growing concern over an exceptionally large brood of cicadas, the "locusts" that fill summer and autumn nights with their buzzing from the trees. Why are they so concerned? The cicadas don't eat leaves, destroy crops, spread disease, summon demons or cause vandalism. They just buzz. I guess the entomologists were so fascinated with their communications or eating habits that they just never got around to napping in a hammock, lulled to sleep by the background noise of the cicadas. I say we find a way to have a cicada bumper crop every year!

Tuesday, March 02, 2004

I can foresee a whole new legal market opening up - that of lawsuits from people who buy wrecked cars from the U.S. and then sue the previous owner, the junkyard the insurance company and the guy who does the buying and shipping when the cars explode or the brakes fail or the radio causes deafness or whatever. You just know that if members of our litiginous society were engaging in such a practice, such lawsuits would be shot around left and right.
Apparently, at least for the time being, these Central Americans are happy with their totaled BMW's and Mercedes. Just wait till these rebuilt vehicles fall apart in some Nicaraguan jungle and the driver gets post-traumatic stress from being ambushed by cocaine smugglers. All because the jury-rigged vehicle he was in didn't come with a warning label: "Caution! This previously wrecked vehicle may cause death, mayhem and destruction of you, your family and assorted bystanders on the sidewalk. Rebuild at your own risk."

Saturday, February 28, 2004

Well, I decided to go see The Passion of The Christ to see what all the hubbub was about. I'm still trying to figure out what all the hubbub was about. As you've certainly heard, there's no shortage of gore in this flick. It gets to the point that it's almost laughable. Particularly creepy is the scene where Mary kisses Jesus' feet while he's hanging on the cross. She comes away like a film vampire, her lips stained with blood. Ew.
If you're going to see TPOTC, I'd strongly recommend that you read the book first. I mean, at least read the gospels so you can get an idea of the whole point, because the movie delivers none. For instance, why did the Jewish priests and leaders hate Jesus and want him dead? Some of the irrelevant flashbacks might have been better used to expose Jesus' history with the priests and how they viewed him as a threat to their authority.
I did like that the film was entirely in Aramaic and Latin, eliminating all the silly accents and King James Bible thee's and thou's. In addition, I thought Satan was a nice touch, if I can say that, along with his little celebratory dance at Jesus' death. He was appropriately icky.
As for anti-Semitism, I can only say that I wish the film had a point as concrete as that. I left the theater with the visions of blood and ripped flesh in my brain without any idea why it was there. Anti-Semitists will still be anti-Semitists after seeing it, and non-anti-Semitists will be no different either. Non-believers and non-Christians will leave the theater knowing no more about Jesus Christ that they did when thay walked in.

Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit Edition is now a crime. This kid got busted doing what millions of kids have been doing since the Swimsuit Edition first graced Americas shelves. Showing his friends. Big deal. I wonder how many of the teachers and officials at his school did the exact same thing? Only he gets suspended.
The principal said he had never seen the Swimsuit Edition before and was shocked. Yeah, right! Give us all a break! You get racier pop-up ads and spam on the internet. To think that this poor kid has to undergo the hassle of getting suspended (or the alternative - 2 days at the school for bad kids) is ridiculous.
When I was a 12, someone brought a Hustler to class. It made the rounds while the teachers back was turned until someone got busted with it. Were there any suspensions? Sentences to the bad kid's school. Visits to the principal? Scourgings and lashings? No. The magazine was simply taken away by the teacher and never seen again. I'm sure the teacher is still whacking off to Hustler today.
People brought the Swimsuit Edition all the time. It was openly shared. The teachers and coaches would take their turn gazing at the pages and then pass it on to one of us. It was encouraged (probably because I was at an all-boys school)! Be thankful your kid is reading the Swimsuit Edition instead of Modern Satanism. Go out and buy him a new pack of Kleenex.

Saturday, February 21, 2004

Well, here's two more kids who are gonna die thanks to the intervention of American surgeons who decided to do a little human experimentation. Haven't they learned yet? These poor kids don't live through these separation surgeries! What's the point? If they just left them alone they'd probably have a better chance. And if they died of their conjoined-ness, they're still no worse off than after their “treatments” with these Dr. Frankensteins who have God complexes.
Besides this, how many hundreds of thousands of dollars are being spent on the survival of the weakest, when this same money could be used for hundreds or even thousands of people who could actually benefit from its use? If they want to medically help people, how ‘bout giving a few thousand doses of vaccines or vitamins or antibiotics?
Wanna know why they don’t? Because you don’t get your name in medical journals and announced on the news when you give out vaccinations all day. When you try a high profile stunt like chopping apart conjoined twins, you get all the fame and accolades and tenureship at universities. And when the twins die? “Unavoidable complications.” Betcha the complications could have been avoided by not trying such a hopeless experiment to begin with!

Friday, February 20, 2004

According to this report, there is a problem with the government censoring information from scientific findings in the spirit of Cold War Soviet Russia. Now this isn't especially hard to believe, given the recent revelation that "misinformation" on WMD's in Iraq was all the CIA's fault and not the administration's doing at all whatsoever, honest to goodness.
The scary thing is: what information are we not hearing about?
There could be little green Martians crawling all over Spirit and Opportunity, but do we see any of those pictures? No way. Is there a simple cure for cancer, diabetes and warts? Maybe, but we don't have that data. Perhaps it's the government censoring of data that limits what meteorologists can tell us, resulting in the wildly inaccurate "forecasts" we get. And you just know we're not getting the full story on marijuana use.
So now anytime we see news of scientific breakthroughs we'll have to wonder, as Paul Harvey says, about the rest of the story.
No Big loss.

Wednesday, February 18, 2004

I know that this flu thing is a big huge deal, epidemiologically speaking. But please can someone come up with a better name than H5N1? Maybe the "sexy flu"? Or the "death fever"? "Melting eye syndrome"? Anything would be cooler than H5N1, which sounds like a math formula.

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Presidential hopeful John Kerry poked fun at President George Bush's presence at the Daytona 500 race the other day. Now I don't have much opinion on politics, or John Kerry, or George Bush or even car racing for that matter. But I do know style when I see it. And let me say that Kerry's style was just plain poor. Was he really taking issue with Bush's efforts to stay in touch with the American people? Do the people really want someone who stays holed up in an office day and night pondering policies and economic strategies? What will Kerry have to say when Bush participates in the annual White House Easter egg hunt this year? If Kerry gains the Presidency, will he have the Easter tradition and all other public "fun" appearances banished so he can meditate on national issues? Will he decline to throw out the first ball of the season so he can discuss foreign policy? Will he just say no to lighting the White House Christmas tree because his presence is needed at a Cabinet meeting? I hardly think so.
Regardless of what the public thinks of the President's politics, it is still an office rooted in "by the people, for the people." The people like race cars and Easter and so on. A leader who loses touch with those whom he leads is no leader at all.

Saturday, February 14, 2004

According to Representative Joe Pitts (R-Pa), "it is unethical to tinker with human life," he said in reference to human cloning. This was sparked by the recent news that scientists in Korea had managed to clone humans, forming embryonic blastocysts from which stem cells could be extracted.
Now I'm not saying I'm in favor of human cloning, but his comment raises numerous gray-area questions. After all, what consists of 'tinkering with human life'? What about other forms of medical research, such as human drug testing, or experimental surgical techniques? In attempting such high-risk procedures such as removing the extra head from that child in the Dominican Republic, it would be difficult to come up with a term other than 'tinkering,' given that the surgery had never been performed before on a patient like her, in addition to the fact the child didn't survive, which is no better an outcome than had the procedure never been attempted.
What about human testing of new drugs? How is that not tinkering? Oh, that's right, those people receive monetary compensation, so the almighty dollar makes everything OK. Besides I'm sure our representatives aren't complaining about the human tinkering that went on to result in their Viagra prescriptions!
Oddly, two of the scientists in Korea said they were the target of violence, even though they were engaging in research for disease treatment and not in reproductive cloning. It seems to me that if there were to be an acceptable use of cloning, it would be reproductive cloning, perhaps for couples who couldn't have kids. Such embryos wouldn't be destroyed, but allowed to mature, then nurtured and loved. Why is there such vehemence against that?
I think those who make these sweeping statements should evaluate their own ideas before embracing or decrying any new research.
It was reported that Google, the online search engine, is hampering free speech. Non-profit group Oceana bought ads out on Google linking clickers to websites denouncing Royal Caribbean because of its problems with pollution, which Google pulled later, sayind they didn't want ads defaming the cruise line.
Google is a privately held company. It is their right to exclude ads they don't want. How is this inhibiting freedom of speech? Google is not campaigning against Oceana, trying to get a cease-and-desist order out on them. Google does not receive federal funds, obligating it to comply with First Amendment rights. It is not a school, forming the minds of the future leaders of the world. It is a private website company, with full discretion over how they want to run their business.
If, for example, someone submits something to my website, BurningTiger, that I don't want on there, I have full editorial discretion to not put up. I'm not violating anyone's rights. They can putit up somewhere else.
Oceana has its own website promoting their interests. If they want Google to display their website, why not design their website and pay the search engines so that it pops up higher in search results? Do they really believe that simply buying an ad entitles an entity to anything they want? Remember that freedom of speech rights apply to Google too, giving them the discretion to say what they want on their website, and judging from the ridicuous opinions so proliferate today, some things are better left unsaid.

Thursday, February 12, 2004

Finally, Barbie and Ken, childhood's most obnoxious couple, are splitting up! It's about freakin' time. That bitch has been using the boy long enough. Who do you think has been paying for all the fancy dream houses, Barbie cars, jewelry, hair and outfits? Poor Ken! And do you think he ever got a piece of ass? Of course not! Despite all the perverted positions and whatnot we used place those two in when we were kids, the poor boy never got a nut. He doesn't have any! She's the ultimate cocktease, leading him on when she knew perfectly well he wasn't getting anywhere. Now we know where women learn that stuff - it's designed into their toys!
Now supposedly she's off to have a wild affair with Blaine the Australian surfer dude. Typical female. Here's some advice Blaine: RUN!
Where's Ken gonna go now? Probably off to come out of the closet and have that long sought-after affair with G.I Joe. Of course, don't ask, don't tell, Joe! But I guess we all suspected it of Ken all along. Besides, being with that bitch is enough to drive anyone over the fence!

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Reuter's reports that France's ban on religious items in schools may also result in compulsory attendance to sex education classes (which some students find offensive) and comply with class programs in history focusing on the Holocaust (which some students, and others, deny happened).
My problem is not the specifics of these attitudes. In fact I applaud the students having such deeply held beliefs and passions, whatever they are. My question is: why can't American students have some damn beliefs? Who decides what they're going to believe? Television and the ACLU. And by "beliefs" I don't mean kids whining over other kids not understanding them because they're gay or black or whatever. Boo freakin' hoo. What do kids worry about? Their friends liking them? What happened on "The Real World"? Partying? You never hear about American kids having real opinions on real issues. Check out their blogs if you don't believe me.
These French students are reacting to real issues, ones that affect the whole community, now and in the future when these schoolkids grow up and start running the world. Whatever their ideas may be, right or not, at least they have them!

Sunday, February 08, 2004

I was determined not to write about the Super Bowl/Janet Jackson/Boob fiasco, but now that coverage of this stupidity is taking up precious space on my AvantGo subscription, I must air my complaints.
MSNBC reported on Feb. 7 that the FCC has received more than 200,000 complaints about the "wardrobe malfunction." An overwhelming number? Not really, when you consider that this number makes up less than 1% of the American population. At any given time, I'm sure you can find way more than this percentage who are pissed off about something else (and something way more worthwhile).
The same article also reported that the Parent's Television Council has counted more than 24,000 complaints. Again this is less than one one-hundreth of a percent of the nation! Who cares? Just because these loudmouths have nothing better to do than gripe to entities who can't do anything about it, do the rest of us have to suffer their woes? I mean really, what are the FCC and the Parents Television Council going to do about a 2 second breast flash that happened last week? Have their kids truly been that traumatized by the event? I'm sure they don't run screaming every time one of these God-fearing moms whips out her own boob to feed little Junior.
While we're at it, has anyone called anybody to bitch about the streaker that presented himself on the field of the Super Bowl? I mean, that was full frontal freakin' nekkidness, but nobody's whining about that. What gives? Even if it didn't make it to national TV, did anyone indignantly leave the stadium, fragile rugrats in tow, demanding their money back? Is there a huge campaign underway by the Bowl-goers to file complaints to the NFL, AFC, Budweiser, and the Department of Homeland Security? I didn't think so. Rather, "delight and hilarity" was the order of the moment, according to this source.
Besides, if you consider the way TV has been going the last decade or so, everyone knows that sooner or later, everything will be on broadcast television. Boobs, butts, genitalia, gay sex, and cuss words. Get used to it. Or find something else to do. Please.

Saturday, February 07, 2004

Well, the latest patient to suffer from craniopagus parasiticus has died. No not by natural causes, but because of the perpetuation of modern medicine's insistence on attempting to thwart Darwinian rules. Charles Darwin gave a name to what everybody kinda knew already, namely that it is the fittest who survive. After all, who wants the genes of the weakest being passed down to future generations?
But modern medicine does not want to acknowledge this basic precept, instead spending billions of dollars and man-hours striving for survival of the weakest. It is hopeless cases like these that medicine spends the most time and effort on; this girl's parents couldn't afford the $100,000 surgery, so who do you think is paying for it? The article doesn't say anything about that. I guarantee you that it is you and I who are being overbilled on our insurance premiums to pay for this little doomed experiment.
Otherwise, just look at the countless dollars being spent on keeping vegetables alive, housing and "treating" the insane, and the work to keep alive people with hopeless conditions from cerebral palsy to renal failure. While these incurables get big wads of cash flung at them for "research" and "treatment" (yeah, right), reasonably healthy people like me have to go without regular checkups because I can't afford the co-pay on my insurance plan!
The newest craze: survival of the weakest. Darwin is spinning in his grave.

Friday, February 06, 2004

Now we hear that Yahoo! is planning on selling music. I guess that projects like this and iTunes and the new and "improved" Napster are an OK compromise in the RIAA's ongoing megalomaniacal aspirations to make money from every note that the human ear can hear (any ear, everywhere). My reason for supporting the peer-to-peer networks on which one can download all those illegal files for free is basically - you get what you pay for. If the RIAA would find and promote some artists that might be worth listening to, people would be more inclined to pay for their music. Instead we have music from overhyped, undertalented "artists" like the lip-syncing queen Britney Spears and couldn't-be-a-bad-boy-if-he killed-someone Justin Timberlake as well as Ja-Rule, C-Murder and other alphabetically enhanced idiots.
While these artists continue to be paid incomes greater than the national budget of some nations, (by the way, where does that money come from?) the undiscovered independent artists who actually create quality music from scratch, no less, languish in the backwater venues and have to work odd jobs to make ends meet. What is ironic is that these quality artists are the ones who often don't mind having their work downloaded for free in the interests of simply promoting themselves and getting it "out there."
99 cents a download for the latest from Jessica Simpson? Fine, I guess. I just hope you get your change. otherwise, go to