Thursday, May 27, 2004

"Have some fun!"

Well, the department of Homeland Security has no specifics about anything at all and has no idea how, when or where it might happen, but Americans are being urged to use vigilance in traveling.

What exactly does that mean, 'use vigilance'? Are we supposed to check the sand under our beach chair for incendiary devices? Scope out our hotel room for weapons of mass destruction? Insist that everyone else on our plane to the Bahamas is a terrorist?

Isn't it fascinating that this warning, designed to cause Americans to panic and freak out, is timed so well with the president's campaign's rapid spiral into the abyss? The media must feel truly torn, having to decide whether to jump all over this terror threat warning and drive up their ratings by inciting panic as usual or, in the process of doing so, promote the cause of their self-chosen arch-enemy, George Bush and his administration. Decisions, decisions... Media-driven panic or make Dubya look bad by not reporting it? Oh, the agony!

Mind you, there is no practical value of actual terror threat warnings. Law enforcement can do nothing about it, other than take credit when nothing happens. It't like saying to someone in the heart of Times Square "My presence is keeping the tigers away."
"But there are no tigers in New York," you might reply.
"See, it's working!"

See, our terror threat warnings are keeping out the terrorists!