Thursday, March 10, 2005

Is It Art? Or Just Stupid?

Apparently someone in Alaska decided to capitalize on something that happens every time you leave your garden hose on when it freezes. John Reese describes himself as a "free-form industrial ice sculptor" because he leaves sprinklers running in the cold.
And to think, thousands have been doing this for free! Yet in the transcript from NPR he says he is the "only person on the planet" who does stuff like this. Tell that to my camellia bush that got decimated because I forgot the sprinker was on during on overnight freeze!
Does it seem to you that people do idiotic things just so they can say they're "the only person on the planet that does this"? I got news for ya buddy; not only are not the only person on the planet that can make outdoor popsicles, but neither do you have the worldwide market cornered on stupidity!