Monday, March 14, 2005

Outsourcing Drive-throughs

Does anybody else see the problem with this? As if fast food isn't dehumanizing enough, now McDonald's wants us to talk to somebody in North Dakota to place our order for the drive-up window sitting 20 feet from our car! How long will it be before we're talking to Hyderabad, India to order our Happy Meals?
Generally if I simply must have fast food, I find it easier to order exactly what I don't want, then when they screw up the order, which the minions inevitable will, chances are greater that I get what I secretly desired.
If I'm talking to some outsourced thrall in Bumfuck, Egypt to get my food, and the window fool gives me 83 cheeseburgers, extra pickles, then to whom am I going to bitch? The Bumfucktard? No he's a million miles away, plus I'd have to circle back around to the static-y screech box. The window troll? No, the computer screen clearly says 83 cheeseburgers, extra pickles. God forbid he has an original thought. The manager? He's in the "office" masturbating to internet porn, or popping zits, or both.
If you absolutely, truly have no recourse but to resort to fast food, at least maintain what shreds of humanity are left in our society and park your car, get out and walk inside to order like a human should. Please.