Thursday, July 17, 2008

"Nigger" Not a "Real Issue" - Jesse Jackson

Here we have it folks! Jesse Jackson himself, self-appointed Lord of the Black Americans, apologized for his use of "the n-word" while simultaneously asking Barack Obama et al to focus on the "real issues" affecting black people. Significantly, his statement to focus attention on "real issues" implies that the use of the "n-word" (which we all know is "nigger" and not, say, "nifty") is not a "real issue" that confronts "African-Americans."

Jesse Jackson himself said it! We now have the equivalent of Black Papal Dispensation to use the word "nigger" all we want, whether we are black, white, Asian, Hispanic, Pacific Islander, Native American, or whatever mixture our DNA dictates. This is a great day for Civil Liberties! Finally, an American who truly knows the meaning of the first amendment. Reverend Jackson does truly understand that racial "slurs" are not a "real issue" confronting any Americans today. Nigger nigger nigger! Cracker cracker cracker! Gook gook gook! Not a real problem in terminology. Any problem with this? I refer you to our great Civil Rights leader, Jesse Jackson!

Why even I myself just yesterday used the term "cracker" to refer to a group of folks reported on by CNN. Thank you, Reverend Jackson, for your official permission to use whatever slogans, slurs, opinions or terms I want to refer to members of either my own heritage or that of others. I and our great country have finally come to realize that mere words are not the greatest social ills facing mankind, nor our country. Three cheers for a great patriot!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Gotta Love White Trash

Wow. Pretty impressive. How did the news reporters get ahold of this little group? I don't know what I like better - the 300-pound dyke mom smoking a cigarette while coddling her kid? The shocking revelation of the 300-pound neighbor harboring a vicious pit bull? The 300-pound teenager giving the finger while admonishing the news people that the incident is "none of your business"? Maybe the little kid bit in the face who's sure to grow up to be a sensation on the drag circuit? Perhaps the on-camera bitch fight is the most fun aspect of the video? Man, it's all so entertaining! Kudos to the journalists that no doubt were camping out in this delightful neighborhood waiting for just such an indulgent story!

By the way, let me get this straight... the 300-pound mom waited till after the news people had interviewed her to pursue her physical assault and tirade against the pit bull-owning neighbor? And initiated that brawl only after the news cameras were already rolling. After she had already talked to the police and apparently not mentioned her son's bite injuries? Wow. I can just hear Jerry Springer talking to his people to get them on the show ASAP. Way to go, crackers!