Monday, June 14, 2010

Survival of the Stupidest

If you’ve ever wondered what sort of stupidity medical professionals have to put up with, why they grouse and moan and bitch and complain about the idiocy with which they have to deal, why ambulance workers have such a high burn-out rate and emergency room staff have such a high stress level, this is a perfect example.

This little princess shot herself in the shoulder to get “medical care” for some unclear previous shoulder problem. As you watch the video, a couple of things might stand out. How, precisely, will a gunshot wound, in addition to whatever old pre-existing problem is there, make things better? Did you suspect that an emergency department staff will attempt to fix every possible little problem you have just because you walked in the door with a flesh wound?

You complain that you can’t afford medical insurance. Sister, allow me to inquire how much money you spend on cigarettes and tattoos? Seeing as you couldn’t wait for five minutes till the interview was over to light up a fag, I imagine you have a pretty hefty tobacco budget. Here’s a hint- putting that cash toward a medical insurance premium will cover the cost, plain and simple.

Seeing as you’re so concerned with the health of your shoulder, if not the rest of your body, what’s up with leaving two open wounds exposed for every infectious agent to grab a bite? Letting your dog lick it is not exactly the gold standard of antiseptic (as I imagine you let your dog do.)

One more thing - you do realize that everywhere there are free clinics. Just waltz on in, tell them what’s wrong, and you get free care that I have the privilege of paying for from my taxes to keep your stupid ass alive. Ironically, she may serve jail time for the illegal discharge of a firearm, and guess who gets to pay for her medical care in jail? Yep, you, the taxpayer.

Do us a favor sweetheart, don’t shoot yourself in the shoulder. Do it in the head. Real soon.