Wednesday, March 08, 2006

What's wrong with this picture?

Does anyone see a problem with this? Here Congress is only willing to spend 1.5 billion on levees for New Orleans. But here Congress wants to spend over 90 billion for the war in Iraq! Granted, pushing up a bunch of dirt to keep the water out must be cheaper than invading a country halfway around the world. But the requested amount was over 3 billion for the levees, and they're only willing to give less than half! But they can't wait to spend 20 times that amount for a project in a place where no one wants them to be and the U.S. presence isn't going to make it any better! New Orleans could sure use a little chunk of that spare change, and we'd appreciate it a hell a lot more than the Iraqis.
Hey! Congress! A little help here, please!