Thursday, July 24, 2008

Clearly, We Need More Torture

It is gratifying to note that the U.S. doesn't violate it's own prohibition against torture without "the specific intent to inflict severe pain or suffering." In other words, practices that appear to be torture really aren't, despite what the ACLU and other bleeding hearts think. If you only wanted to "waterboard" someone to get your sadistic jollies, then that would be torture. But if you're using the waterboard as an "enhanced interrogation technique", then that's ok.

My point is this: since when did this become a problem? The U.S. government has been using "enhanced interrogation techniques" for years. Other countries have been doing so too (just ask John McCain). It's only been an uproar since the freaking ACLU decided that it needed to insert its fingers into the national security pie. Why? It's the American Civil Liberties Union, not the Oh-you-poor-foreigners Civil Liberties Union. If you wanna make sure that my mom isn't being dragged out of her home for a night of waterboarding to be asked about her high-school sweetheart who might have been a communist in the '50's, I'm all about that. But the point is, these aren't Americans we're talking about. They are TERRORISTS! I know, I've railed against calling every foreigner a terrorist, but the fact is that there are indeed terrorists out there. Go take a gander at ground zero in New York if you don't believe me.

Torture, um, that is, enhanced interrogation techniques should be applied to more "high-value detainees" (and to "low-value detainees" for that matter). That way, when they give the information requested and eventually set free by some ACLU-bribed judge, they will be strongly motivated to cease and desist from their anti-American "activities." They will also be less likely to recruit others for the job. And sentence will already have been served, condensed into a few sessions of "enhancement." The CIA gets its info, the detainees go home, justice has been served, and fewer people join the "Let's Kill Americans" extracurricular club. Everybody's happy. Except the ACLU, who will never be happy until anarchy is the order of all things.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Epitome of Stupid

This is what pisses me off. I'm a paramedic and ER nurse. Here this man brought a gunshot victim, not to an emergency room, not to a doctor's office, not even to a police station, but to a TV station! Are you kidding me? Why do people do such ridiculous things? Pray tell, what exactly was the man expecting the news station to do? Film her bleeding? According to the report, he was going to "turn himself in" to the police. With that ostensible reasoning, to whom was he planning to speak at the police station - oh wait, NEWS STATION?!
Really? The news? If he was the perpetrator of the shooting, then not only should he be charged with that but also with felony stupidity.
It drives me up an Everest-sized wall when people load the sick and injured into their car and proceed to anywhere BUT where they need to go. I've picked up patients who were IN A CAR but the driver decided that instead of tootling on down to the hospital, they would stop at the Burger King, the gas station, their friend's house, the bank, the car wash, the convenience store or any other random freaking location to decide to call 911. You're in a car! With gas! Why can't you just drive your friend to the ER? WTF? Now you want to get on the news! Seriously? Again, I officially volunteer to be the state euthanasist.