Tuesday, June 01, 2010

2010 Hurricane Names & Predictions

2010 Hurricane names & predictions:

Alex (big hooplah, no problems),
Bonnie (tropical storm- who cares),
Colin (fizzle),
Danielle (Keys, watch out),
Earl (Gulf churner, more BP lies),
Fiona (evacuation),
Gaston (tropical storm but scary news broadcasts)
Hermine (Central America problem),
Igor (really? Igor?),
Julia (Wind damage),
Karl (fizzle),
Lisa (watch out - God's answer to the gays),
Matthew (New England) ,
Nicole (Late-season scare),
Otto (fizzle),
Paula (East Coast),
Richard (nobody realizes it exists),
Shary (oh, please!),
Tomas (never happens),
Virginie (never happens),
Walter (never happens)